HB1286: Multi-stall, Coed Public Restrooms with Urinals.    5/2/2023

Katie Stuart, D-112, and our IL Legislators are OK with children and girls sharing public bathrooms with adult men. Multiple Stalls with Urinals.
If HB1286 passes, builders can choose to have public coed, multi-stall bathrooms.   
Per the legislation, you cannot have a coed bathroom in close proximity to the single sex bathroom. Katie has denied that this is the case, but the legislation is very clear. (See attached pictures).
As if that isn’t bad enough, they are allowing urinalsYoung girls at eye level will be able to see a grown man use a urinal.  Katie stated in a public coffee event that this is what her lobbyists want.  When asked about the specifics of the urinal divider, Katie laughed. This is no laughing matter. It is obvious to everyone besides Katie Stuart that a urinal divider would not provide enough privacy. Several constituents explained their real safety concerns with this legislation,  but Katie dismissed their concerns. 
Katie admitted this is what her lobbyists want and it’s “permissive.” Permissive for what? For young girls to see a man’s genitals? Women being triggered by being in a private shared space with men? And we all remember the news reports of men video taping women while they use the restroom. Real criminals will use coed bathrooms to take advantage of the situation.
Rep. Katie Stuart, D-112, is the prime sponsor of this bill.  It passed the House with the minimum number of votes and now heads to the Senate.

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