Another gut and replace bill.
House Rep Katie Stuart D-112, was added as a sponsor.
HB 4412 was Signed into law.
Let’s unpack the guts of this bill:
Democrats take away local control for site approval for newly constructed solar panels and wind turbines. HB 4412 could have some major impacts on valuable farmland.
Per the Clinton Journal, “The Illinois Farm Bureau also opposed the bill, giving testimony the bill would not provide sufficient protections for property owners who were not leaseholding participants of wind energy facilities.”
There is also some financial assistance for power bills, however, it expires December 31, 2024… right after the Nov. 2024 election. Another election ploy to buy votes and for Katie Stuart to use for her positive mailers.
Over and over we see our IL politicians use a power grab to take away local control. Katie Stuart should have voted no on this one. The impact this could have on farm land and private property owners is just too great. While the rebate will be helpful to IL residents, it is not a long term solution and will be used as a political ploy for Katie’s mailers. Once again, we see our current rep vote for Chicago instead of voting in representation of the area she serves.

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