House Rep. Katie Stuart was chief sponsor of a bill that will now allow multi-stall, Co-Ed bathrooms in public schools, businesses, and arenas. Signed into law by Governor Pritzker, who himself prides himself on being the most Extreme Liberal Illinois has ever seen.

After bipartisan opposition bill and well over 1000 witness slips in opposition, Katie Stuart pushed legislation forward that will undoubtedly cause friction and quite possibly increase the victimization of young girls and women.

Initially, the legislation allowed for urinals with a simple partition dividing partially clothed men from women and young girls. This was taken out of the bill by the Senate after a huge outcry from the citizens of IL. While many of the state legislators did not understand why the public was opposed to the urinals, it was clear that the citizens of IL did not like that the urinals would not have been fully enclosed in a stall. 

Public Schools can now

install or convert their 

 multi-stall bathrooms into co-ed bathrooms.

Rep. Ugaste discusses these concerns, but Rep. Stuart dismisses these concerns.

The history of HB1286

Rep. Katie Stuart tried passing this same bill via HB3195 in 2021.

In 2021, while businesses were struggling with COVID restrictions and kids were dealing with unprecedented mental health issues from isolation, Katie Stuart felt it necessary to work on legislation that would not help with either of these issues.