Jennifer Korte

Supporting Law Enforcement and Keeping Families Safe

The rise of violent crime across the state is alarming. Jennifer believes in funding the police and working with them and other community leaders to implement policies to enable police officers to do their job better. Unfortunately, failed policies such as ending cash bail and preventing police from being able to take people charged with Class B and Class C misdemeanors in custody are only serving to make our communities less safe. Jennifer will push to repeal the recently passed policies such as the SAFE-T Act and no cash bail that had put our communities' safety first.

Improving Education by Protecting Parental Rights and Supporting Teachers.

Jennifer will fight to ensure our schools receive the funding they need to ensure our kids can learn, chase their dreams, and succeed. As a mother, Jennifer understands the importance of parental involvement in education. Jennifer will fight against extreme and political policies, like the all-or-nothing sex education legislation being pushed in schools. She will stand up for local control and the rights of parents to have a say in what education looks like for their children. Jennifer will also support our teachers and the increasingly hard job they do. All children learn differently and have different needs, so she will always advocate that parents have real choices regarding their children's education.

Lowering Taxes for Working Families

Illinois taxes are too high. Jennifer is committed to reducing state spending so that the Legislature can enact the kind of meaningful tax relief working families need and deserve. She supports a zero-based budget to bring fiscal accountability to the state government and to allow hard-working families and seniors living on a fixed income to keep more tax dollars.

Protecting Women and Life

Jennifer's focus on these issues will be making adoption more affordable, supporting families, and working to restore parental notification of abortion. There is no reason a 12-year-old should be having an abortion without their parents or guardian being notified. This dangerous misstep of the government only empowers sex traffickers. Jennifer will also fight to improve health regulations at abortion clinics to protect women better.

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