Representative Katie Stuart has been heavily funded by Chicago special interest groups, unions and Chicago based lawyers. Time and time again, she has put their interests ahead of her constituents. In 2018, Katie bowed to Chicago special interest groups and voted in favor of the Chicago School System bailout despite the fact her constituents asked her to vote against it. The people of the 112th district did not want to foot the bill for the failing school system in Chicago. Most recently, Katie was asked not to pass a radical school sex education bill (SB 818). Again she ignored her constituents and voted for it anyway. Now, the bill is law because Katie Stuart was the 60th vote (the minimum number of votes needed to pass a bill in the House). Senate Bill 818 forces Illinois schools to comply with the National Sex Education Standards or they must “opt out.” The schools that opt out will not be allowed to teach sex education at all. One example of the National Sex Education Standards curriculum is to require kids in 6-8th grades to be taught such things as anal sex and dental dams. These sex education standards have a “trigger warning” disclaimer at the bottom that explains that these topics may be trauma inducing for some children.  Not only is this radical legislation not appropriate for children, it can create trauma for children who have experienced child sexual abuse. Again, Katie turned a blind eye to her constituents and was co-sponsor to this legislation. She is a radical who is out of touch with her constituents. 

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