When I go door-to-door – I often hear from people who are seriously contemplating leaving our state. The legacy of the Democratic leadership has been massive tax increases, out-of-control spending and reckless borrowing.

Just last spring, the Democrats at the statehouse created a 1.8 billion dollar-funding hole in the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund without any real plan for solvency. During the pandemic, these funds were drained because of the forced lockdown of our economy. The unemployment claims during the pandemic were the direct result of government action and policies.

And instead of using the federal money intended to pay the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, the Democrats in Springfield decided to use these funds to help their re-election chances. 

My opponent Katie Stuart voted to short-change the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund because winning elections is more important to her than responsibly managing the State’s budget. This year alone, my opponent joined her colleagues in increasing spending by 10 percent year-over-year while our revenue has been simultaneously declining. We need more leaders who will advocate for all Illinoisans and fight to keep Illinois home to the families who want to stay here. It is time to chart a new course with new leadership and I promise to be that change we need in the capital.

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