Katie Stuart, D-112, Katie Stuart met opposition when she sponsored HB1286. This allows builders to construct multi-stall, all-gender bathrooms, without the option for gender specific bathrooms next to the gender neutral bathrooms.

She spoke loud and clear today when she voted in favor of a bill that her  constituents strongly opposed. The bathroom bill HB1286 passed the house with the minimum number of votes. (Even her Democrat Colleagues could see the safety and privacy issues with this bill. Many voted against it).

Katie’s constituents spoke to her Monday evening, sent numerous emails and made phone calls in opposition. Witness slips in opposition vastly outnumbered the proponents of this bill. She was reminded that she is supposed to represent the 112th, not Chicago.

Katie Stuart does not work for the people. She works for her lobbyists. Follow the money. She is hoping the voters (in 2024) forget that she ignored them and instead represented her Chicago Lobbyists. 

Now this passes to the Senate.  


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