Legislation Alert: Equitable Restrooms All-Gender HB1286. (Debated at 11pm on a Thursday night in 2021 originally HB 3195). Katie Stuart sponsored a bill that allows multiple stalls per 1 bathroom for all genders. Builders in IL could cut costs with fewer bathrooms and force men and women to use the same bathroom. I personally believe this legislation has some major safety and privacy concerns for women and children. I’m also concerned this will be “triggering” for women with a history of abuse. Men using a bathroom stall next to a woman is uncomfortable and frightening. You can watch this legislation being debated here in this video. Rep. Katie Stuart D-112 admits that she has not asked her constituents if they want this legislation passed. Why would she not ask her residents? It seems she is working for her lobbyists. The Democrats in IL have absolutely no checks and balances system in IL. If they want legislation passed, they just do it. And we have seen they do this, with little public support. However, we still need to voice our concerns. Watch this video to the end. It is interesting how Katie turns the concerns of this Representative and accuses him of “hateful, dangerous, transphobic rhetoric.”This legislation is in the early stages of development. Since Katie hasn’t asked your opinion of this, go ahead and call her. Tell her what you think about this. 618-365-6650

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