The Chicago Bears are on their way to do what many of the city’s residents and businesses have done – leave. With crime running rampant and taxes raised every year it’s hard to blame them or any others who have decided to split from the City of Chicago. As the Bears organization rolls out its plan to build a new stadium and entertainment district in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights, one thing needs to be made very clear: not one dollar of taxpayer money should be spent to help build this new development. Take the St. Louis Rams as a good example of why Illinois should not publicly fund a major league sports team. The city of St. Louis lost millions of dollars when the St. Louis Rams decided to leave Missouri. Residents of Caseyville and Collinsville should not be responsible for footing the bill for one of the most valuable teams in the NFL, owned by one of the richest families in America. I call on Katie Stuart to protect our district by opposing any effort to use taxpayer money to pay for the Bears’ new development.

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