Jennifer Korte, for Illinois State Representative

  • Christian
  • Republican
  • Common sense conservative
  • Supports Law Enforcement 
  • Supports small business 

What's important to you is important to Jennifer.

Advocate for Parental Rights

Jennifer was a strong advocate for parental rights and in August 2021, Jennifer joined Speak for Students as a leader. The Speak for Students group was an integral part in promoting parental choices. She was instrumental in using this platform to draw attention to various legislation in Illinois which impacted parental choice, children, schools and teachers.

Support the Right of the Unborn

Jennifer supports the efforts of the Right to Life Organization and is pro-life. She strongly opposed HB370 and contacted her legislators to ask them to vote down this legislation. HB370 gave minors the right to obtain an abortion without parental notification. While Governor Pritzker signed this into law, if given the chance, Jennifer intends on fighting this legislation.

Defend 2nd Amendment Rights

Jennifer will support any legislation that VOIDS the FOID. I will also vote against any legislation that further burdens legal gun owners.

Fight for REAL Spending Reform

Jennifer will not vote to increase taxes. She believes in real spending reform bills that balance the budget (not a band aid approach).